How Much Does a Projector Cost (Movie, Gaming, Theater Projector)?

Did you ever think how much does a movie theater projector cost? or how much does a gaming projector cost?

We are going to answer these questions today.

Every projector is different, which means pricing can vary greatly. If you need help finding the right one for your needs and budget, start by considering one of these factors: screen size, brightness, throw distance, resolution.

Screen size determines how large an image a projector will work best for; a larger screen requires a more powerful projector to fill with light evenly. Brightness is measured in lumens and refers to how much light comes out of the projector – the higher your brightness rating is, the better it will be for viewing your presentation outside or in dimly-lit rooms.

We are going to cover these:

  • How much does a movie theater projector cost?
  • How much does a gaming projector cost?
  • What are the LCoS projector costs?
  • How much does a beam projector cost?
  • How much does a planetarium projector cost?
  • how much does a 4k projector cost?
  • How much does a commercial IMAX projector cost?

Types of projector

Types of projector

For the purpose of this article, we divided the projectors into 3 major categories:

  1. Movie Projector
  2. Gaming Projector
  3. Home Theater projector
  4. All in one projector

1. Movie Projector

The most commonly used video or movie projector requires around 10-12,000 lumens of brightness. The projection distance of a projector can vary greatly depending on the user’s needs and personal preference; they can usually be adjusted from a few feet to around 85 feet.

The cost range for a movie projector is usually around $1000-$3000.

2. Gaming Projector

Gaming projectors are similar to movie projectors except that they have been specially designed and built for faster frame rates, higher resolution, lower latency, and more flexibility than traditional projectors.

It is a known fact that the demand for projector technology is ever-increasing. Games and game players have become more and more connected to technology, causing the demand for advanced gaming projectors to rise.

This category of projectors can be broken down into two main categories: DLP, which stands for Digital Light Processing, and LCOS, which stands for liquid crystal on silicon (LCOS).

Many users are now opting to use DLP projectors instead of LCOS because they provide better light output and color consistency. Both types have their advantages, but one thing is certain: the state-of-the-art is still on the cutting edge when it comes to game or movie projectors.

The price range for a gaming projector is around $3000-$5000.

Types of projector

3. Home Theater projector

Home theater projectors are as versatile as they come. Whether you’re looking to use it for movies, watching sports, or gaming, they have the right specifications and capability for each and every purpose.

Making use of these projectors is one of the easiest ways to gain instantaneous control over your entire home entertainment system.

They can work just about anywhere in your home – from your family room to the bedrooms – and can work with a variety of other displays and sources including television sets, DVD players, computer desktop monitors, and video games consoles.

The price range for a home theater projector is around $1000-$5000.

4. All in one projector

This category of projectors covers a wide range of models, including LED, DLP, LCOS, and LCoS projectors. Like in the case of the gaming/movie projector categories, there are also LED and DLP models that are better than other options.

All in one projector come with the same sets of technical specifications as other types of projectors; however, they are usually used more for supplemental purposes rather than full-time use.

The price range for an all-in-one projector is around $50-$5000.

How much does a projector cost?

How much does a projector cost?

1. How much does a movie theater projector cost?

A movie theater projector can cost anywhere from a few thousand to several million dollars, depending on the make, model, size, and features.

The first step in calculating the cost of a movie projector is to figure out just how big of an image you need. This will help determine the size of the lamp and ultimately how much power projection equipment you will need.

There are three basic types of cinema projectors:

  • 3-D
  • 4K UHD digital cinema projector systems; and
  • traditional 35mm or 70mm film projectors.

Let’s break down the costs of each type and identify factors to consider when choosing a film or digital projector.

1. 3-D film movie projector costs:

3-D films are projected from three different projectors, each showing one image in red, one in green, and one in blue. This is why 3-D films cost more than “traditional” 2-D films (one projector showing the full-color spectrum).

A 3-D movie theater requires projectors that cost anywhere from $80,000 – $125,000 per unit. There are also the costs associated with extra lenses and filters that can add thousands to the overall price tag.

2. 4K UHD digital cinema projector system costs:

The normal projection system for large screens (35-70 ft) on the theatre walls requires about $25,000 – $65,000. The cost depends on what kind of equipment and parts are required to build the system for each screen size.

Each cinema does things differently and needs special parts that cannot be shared with other theaters. This is why every screen will have its own unique set of components which includes lenses, lamps, and projectors to create a clear picture for the viewers at the back of the cinema auditorium.

3. 35mm film projector costs:

The cost of a 35mm film projector ranges from $2000 up to $50,000. The difference between the prices is the amount of equipment and parts required for each unit. There are many factors that come into play when choosing between digital and film projectors.

Video of 35mm movie projector:

2. How much does a gaming projector cost?

Gaming projectors can vary drastically depending on the brand, the number of lenses, and the type of technology.

Home gaming projects start from around $500-$3000. The price depends upon the material they are built with and whether they can be controlled via a remote or not.

A commercial-grade projector will run anywhere between $5000-$15000 per unit, depending on the manufacturer and features (more lenses=more cost).

3. What are the LCoS projector costs?

LCoS stands for liquid crystal on silicon. It is a technology that works in quite the same way as DLP, except that it uses micro-mirrors instead of a spinning color wheel to reflect the light through an LCD panel.

This type of technology enables longer lamp life (30,000 hours) and greater contrast ratios and a wider color gamut. The cost of LCoS projectors would range from $3,000 – $8,000 depending upon the manufacturer and features.

How much does a projector cost?

4. How much does a beam projector cost?

The beam is the first 100% digital projection technology to replace multiple projector systems. They are the most efficient and easiest to set up. The cost of a beam projector can run from $500 – $15,000 for a basic system and up to several hundred thousand dollars for a large event.

5. How much does a planetarium projector cost?

A planetarium projector is good for astronomy and space tracking. They can be used for education and entertainment as well.

The cost of a planetarium projector can range from $10,000 – $100,000 depending upon the type and features. This price is for the models that have three-dimensional capabilities and are used for entertainment and visualization.

But galaxy projectors are cheap and can be bought for $50-$500.

6. How much does a 4k projector cost?

A 4k projector is one that has a screen with a resolution of 4000 pixels x 3000 pixels. You can also find models that have a resolution of 4096 pixels x 2880 pixels. People will need to know the resolution so they can determine if it makes sense to get a 4k or 4k ultra model.

If one is going to use it for gaming, movies, graphics design, and other professional purposes they will want to get the more durable screen since it will last longer and not wear down over time.

4K projectors are able to produce an image of 8 million pixels or higher on the screen. A typical 4K projector will have a resolution of 4096 x 2160 pixels.

4k projectors are the latest type of projector and can be used to play videos, 3D movies, and TV shows in a cinema-like environment. They cost anywhere from $1000 – $6000 depending upon the manufacturer and features.

How much does a projector cost

7. How much does a commercial IMAX projector cost?

IMAX is a motion picture and entertainment technology that was created by an American (James Cameron) from a Canadian firm. At its first release, it was capable of 8K resolution. The next generation is at 4K.

The IMAX dome projector cost is $150,000. 10 of them are on tour around the world showing the new 20-minute scenes from New Moon. This will help to sell people on the new 3D Imax format by showing the movie in true IMAX 3D and you can see it first!

Don’t lose track of where you are on this page because once you look at a picture of an IMAX theater, or watch a video, then all of this information is going to look boring as hell.


How much does a projector cost depends on the model, size of the screen, features, and purpose? A projector is a very expensive item to purchase and maintain. Therefore, you need to make sure that you have enough knowledge about it before you purchase one for yourself or your business. This will prevent you from buying a bad product.

And if you are aware of these considerations, then your budget will be more than enough to take care of your requirements for a projector.

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