Epson 2100 vs. 2150 Projector – The Ultimate Comparison 2021

Epson is one of the best projector manufacturers in the world. Almost all of their projectors are of top quality. If you are looking for a new projector, it can be overwhelming with all of their variety and different models to pick from. That is why we decided to compare two Epson projectors that will hopefully make your decision easier.

Today, we have chosen Epson 2100 and 2150 projectors to compare. We will compare their features, design, performance, and much more.

Epson 2100 vs Epson 2150 Projector: Side by Side Comparison

Epson 2100Epson 2150
Epson Home Cinema 2100 1080p 3LCD projectorir?t=tactical1 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B074FKGR7FEpson Home Cinema 2150ir?t=tactical1 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B074FLKWSY
ResolutionFull HD 1080pFull HD 1080p
Brightness2500 lumens2500 Lumens
Contrast Ratio35000:160000:1
Wireless screen mirroringNoMiracast
Weight50 lbs50 lbs

Let’s start Epson 2100 vs 2150 projector comparison:

Let's start Epson 2100 vs 2150 projector comparison


In terms of design, both of these projectors are very beautiful to look at. They have an elegant look around their body and give a luxurious feel. Epson 2150 has a similar design to 2100, but 2100 has a more modern look compared to 2150.

Epson 2100 vs 2150: Performance

Epson 2100 comes with Full HD resolution and supports Full 3D technology. This projector supports 3D cable. Epson 2100 also supports 2D to 3D conversion functions. This amazing function allows you to enjoy 2D content in 3D mode and can also convert 2D content to its proper format for 3D viewing.

The Epson 2100 projector has a brightness of 2500 lumens which is at par with most of today’s projectors. The contrast ratio and color gamut are the highest in the industry. This allows the Epson 2100 to offer sharp and vivid images.

Epson 2150 projector also has a resolution of Full HD – 1080p, which means that it can offer sharper and vibrant images in comparison to its predecessors from past decades. The Epson 2150 has a brightness of 2500 lumens as well, which is great for enjoying movies or playing games with this projector.

As for 2150, it is capable of delivering full HD resolution and supports 3LCD technology. The picture quality of 2150 is stunning, with a contrast ratio of 60,000:1.


Both of these projectors have undergone a lot of quality control and are very durable. They can last for almost 10 years if used properly. However, both of them haven’t been in the market for more than a couple of years so nobody knows how long they will last. We can only hope that Epson keeps producing such great products with great durability.

Epson 2100 vs 2150: Performance

Noise level

The noise level of Epson 2100 is not declared by Epson. In comparison, Epson 2150 projector has a noise level of 29 dB to 37 dB, which is quite enough for watching movies, gaming, and documentaries.

Connectivity options

Connectivity options of any projector are important. Epson 2100 has all the necessary connectivity options. You can connect a PC, BluRay player, DVD player, or any other source to enjoy movies or games via HDMI, USB 2.0 and VGA ports.

Connectivity options of 2150 are the same as Epson 2100, except for the USB Type-A port. Nevertheless, Epson 2100 comes with USB 2.0 and HDMI ports to support 3D technology with compatible devices like Chromecast and Fire TV stick or Roku streaming stick.

Other features

Both of these projectors are very similar in terms of connectivity and performance. In terms of other features, Epson 2150 comes with Epson Active 3D technology for a more vivid and immersive 3D experience. The projector can cover a screen with an angle of 60 degrees vertically and 45 degrees horizontally.

Epson 2100 has an auto-edge enhancement, allowing you to enjoy movies without the black borders around the edges. Also, the projector can display videos up to 24 fps. So, if you have an old VHS tape lying around in your closet, you can convert it to digital format and enjoy them on your projector with amazing quality.

With Epson 2150, you can mirror your smartphone or tablet screen on the big screen. Epson 2100 doesn’t support the mirroring feature.

However, if you want to mirror your phone or tablet, you will have to use a Bluetooth mouse or wirelessly connect your device with the projector via the Miracast option. You can easily stream content using Chromecast and other devices that support Google’s similar technology. So, it is not necessary to use Epson 2100 as other options are available for streaming from your smartphone or tablet.

Epson 2100 Projector

  • Full HD resolution with 3D technology
  • The brightness of 2500 lumens
  • Advanced Color technology
  • Crisp, vivid, and sharp image quality
  • No Sleep Timer

Epson 2150 Projector

  • Full HD resolution with 3D technology
  • 2x HDMI, VGA, USB 2.0 (USB Type-A)
  • 60,000:1 contrast ratio
  • Innovative 3LCD technology
  • Epson app is not that easy to use

Epson 2100 vs 2150 Projector – Which one is better

Epson 2100 vs 2150 Projector - Which one is better

It depends on many factors like personal choice, budget, requirement, etc. The Epson 2100 is known to be a great projector. Many customers have bought and loved this projector, including me.

However, if you are looking for a projector that can provide a 3D experience at a cheap price, then go for 2150 because it is also available at a low price instead of 2100 which has to be purchased at an expensive price.

Also, if you want to place the projector on the wall, I would recommend 2150 because it has Keystone support which allows you to install it easily without any issues. It is a great projector for placing on the wall in comparison to 2100. Epson 2150 is also an outstanding choice for Full HD 1080p resolution and 3LCD technology with 3D cable and 2D to 3D conversion function.

Conclusion: Epson 2100 vs 2150

Epson 2100 and Epson 2150 are two great projectors that come with the best features and affordable prices. However, Epson 2150 is a bit more expensive and it comes with low resolution compared to 2100.

But, you can also get 1920x1080p resolution for a cheap price. So, you have to decide on your budget first and then decide on which projector to buy. If you prefer Full HD 1080p resolution, then go for Epson 2100 as it’s cheaper than the 2150 version.

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