How to connect a DVD player to a projector | 7 Easy Steps

If your home theater setup includes a DVD player, then this article is for you. You can buy an HDMI cable to connect the DVD Player to your Projector – in much the same way as you would connect a laptop to a television. There are also options for connecting wirelessly which come with speakers and batteries too.

I will talk about some steps on how to connect DVD player with projector below:

7 Easy Steps to Connect a DVD player to a projector

7 Easy Steps to Connect a DVD player to a projector

1. Plug the power cable into the projector

Connect the DVD player to the projector with a video cable – they are usually 1-2 meters in length and come in various types. I have seen 1-meter ones as well as 2-meter ones.

Things like this are not standard across all manufacturers, so it is important to read the instructions on your particular DVD Player/DVD Recorder/DVR player/Projector and carefully follow them.

2. Power up the DVD player

Powering on the DVD player is pretty much the same as with other players. Most will either have a blue or orange power button. You should wait for the player to activate its startup screen and then go into the settings using the remote control via Tivo.

3. Connect the RCA cable to the DVD player

For most DVD players, the red and white RCA jacks are attached to the back by a thin plastic strip. This is what you will use to connect the cable to your projector – firm up the plastic strip.

7 Easy Steps to Connect a DVD player to a projector

4. Add external speakers

If you do not have speakers, skip ahead to step 5. If you like the sound of external speakers and want to try them with your DVD Player, you can go to a general electronic store and purchase a pair of external speakers – they are fairly inexpensive and will allow you to hear audio while you’re connecting the DVD player.

5. Turn on the DVD player and projector

Press the power button on the DVD player and wait for it to start up. Then turn on the switch of the projector.

6. Test your theater

Once you are able to see your DVD player on the projector, you are ready to go! There may be times when a signal needs adjusting, but you can do this using the controls on your DVD Player. Moving from room to room with theater audio is easy with external speakers!

7. Enjoy!

And there you have it – that’s all there is to connecting a DVD Player with a Projector in order to enjoy video entertainment.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. is it the same process to connect a Blu-ray player?

Quite possibly – the process is generally similar to that of a DVD player. There will be a few different connectors for Blu-ray players (such as HDMI ports) but the theory and the process will be identical.

2. Can I use an RCA cable with HDMI?

Some (older) machines will only allow you to use RCA cables (also called phono cables) in conjunction with HDMI ones – make sure your DVD player is able to do so before attempting to connect it.

How to connect an LG DVD player to a Hitachi projector?

3. How to connect an LG DVD player to a Hitachi projector?

Hitachi projectors can use a VGA cable to connect with an LG DVD player (default is 640×480)

4. How to connect a Sony DVD player to a Hitachi projector?

You can use a WiFi module here to connect. You can also use HDMI or VGA cables.


I hope now you know how to connect a DVD player with a projector, I think you’ll be satisfied.

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