Top 10 Best Projector Brands You Can Trust

Many people are going back to their childhood and buying a projector to use with the technology they used most often- video games. There are many different brands out there that are known for making the best projectors on the market but what is “best” can be debated. To make your decision easier, here is a list of some of the best projector brands.

We’ve put together a list of the top 10 best projector brands in the market right now. We’ll cover each of these brands’ pros and cons, as well as our own personal opinions on their projectors to help you decide which one would be best for your needs.

Top 10 Best Projector Brands

1. BenQ


BenQ is one of the top brands in the projector market right now and has been for a long time. They make great quality projectors that are packed with features. BenQ is always trying to outdo itself so if you’ve owned one of their projectors in the past and liked it, you’ll be happy to see that they’ve made some great improvements with their new products.

How Good Is Their Projector?

BenQ’s projectors have long been known for their great performance. They’re packed with features and are easy to use. Their picture quality is very bright and clear, which makes watching movies easy on the eyes. They’re designed to be portable, whether it’s for business presentations or family movie nights.

There are some downsides to using BenQ projectors, though. The lamp life on most of their models is lower than other brands’, meaning you’ll have to replace them more often than with other models. Some users also complain that the lenses aren’t quite as good as they should be, which means they can be a bit grainy sometimes when projecting videos or films.

BenQ makes some very impressive projectors that can do a lot for an affordable price. They have models that are designed for gaming, home theaters, work presentations, and classroom learning environments.

What customers say about BenQ Projectors

Customers love BenQ’s projectors for their quality. Many people find them to be true HD, with the colors being very bright and vivid. They’re also very easy to set up and are designed for portability, which is a big plus if you’re going to be moving your projector around a lot or if you need it for a business presentation.

There are a couple of problems that some users have experienced with BenQ projectors. There have been complaints of problems with the lamps, which means they can die out on you quicker than other projectors. Some people also had issues with the mounting brackets, saying they were flimsy and broke easily.

BenQ has some great products that come at an affordable price. If you’re a gamer, a business professional or even a home theater enthusiast, you’ve probably heard of BenQ. Their great quality and affordable prices make them one of the best projector brands in the market right now.

2. JVC


JVC is another brand that has been around for a long time and also makes great products. JVC doesn’t have as many models as BenQ, but what they do have is just as good. They’ve got models that are designed for gaming, home theaters, and portable applications.

How Good Is Their Projector?

JVC’s projectors have standards in the projector market that are hard to beat. They’re definitely of great quality for the price. Their images are very bright and clear, which helps out a lot when watching movies in a dark room. They’re also easy to set up and use, which is always a plus.

As far as downsides go, there is only one thing that we really found. JVC projectors are good for gaming, but they aren’t exactly the best for it. If you’re looking to game with your projector then you may want to look elsewhere, especially if you already have one of JVC’s models or plan on getting one in the future.

JVC makes some great projectors that are budget-friendly but don’t compromise on quality or features. If you’re looking to watch movies or do some gaming with your projector, then JVC’s projectors are a good choice.

What customer says about JVC Projectors

JVC projectors have a reputation for being quality products that can handle a variety of applications. Many people like that they can be used for many different purposes and are versatile. They’re also very easy to set up and use, which is always a plus when it comes to new technology.

There are some real downsides to using JVC projectors, though. A lot of users say that their projectors have a lifelong lamp life span of around 500 hours, while other brands claim theirs are lasting 2000 hours or more. Even though the pictures produced by JVC projectors are said to be of good quality, some users claim that their projectors have terrible lenses and can’t really handle fast-moving images.

JVC has some great projectors that produce clear images and are easy to set up and use. While there’s not a large selection of models to choose from, they more than makeup for it in quality. If you’re looking for a better gaming experience or just want a projector that won’t break the bank, then JVC is definitely a good choice.

3. ViewSonic

ViewSonic projector

ViewSonic is a brand that’s been around since the early 90s. They’re known for making excellent projectors with excellent quality and performance. While they require a high initial investment, their products are considered to be built to last. They’re best for those who want long-term investments in their home theaters and other video display needs.

How Good Is Their Projector?

ViewSonic’s projectors are very high quality for the price. They’re packed with features and are designed to be easy to use. Their images are bright and clear, which makes watching movies easy on the eyes. The lens included with most models is superior, though some users claim that it can be a bit grainy when projecting video images.

There aren’t many real problems that we can find with ViewSonic’s projectors. The only real complaint out there is one about the lamps; they can cause quite a bit of noise when they die out, which is common with most projectors made today.

ViewSonic has some amazing projectors that produce very high-quality images. Their products are designed to last, which is an advantage when it comes to purchasing a projector. They’re also easy enough for someone who doesn’t have a lot of experience setting up and using a projector.

What customer says about ViewSonic Projectors

ViewSonic projectors tend to be very high-quality options that can handle almost any application you throw at them. There are plenty of people who use them for both home theaters and gaming and find them to be great for both of those purposes. They also come with many features, which makes them really attractive options if you’re planning on getting one soon or in the future.

There are some complaints about projectors from ViewSonic, though. Some users have experienced problems with the LCD assembly, which is the part that holds the projector lens in place. This issue often causes problems with image clarity, which means if you’re looking to use your projector for gaming or other activities that involve fast-moving visuals then it’s best to avoid these models.

ViewSonic has some of the highest quality projectors in the market. If you’re searching for a new project, ViewSonic is definitely one brand that we recommend checking out. Their product quality is very good and their products are built to last.

4. Sony


Sony is a really highly reputable brand (if not the most reputable). They’re known for producing some high-quality products, especially in their electronics. Sony’s projectors, however, are one area where they don’t seem to excel as well as they do with things like televisions and Blu-ray players. Their projectors will work fine for your needs, but they don’t have the high-end features that some of the best brands have.

How Good Is Their Projector?

Sony projectors are made to be easy to set up and use. Even though there aren’t many models to choose from, all of them come with excellent features that make them very functional units. They’re designed to be very reliable and have excellent quality.

There are a few complaints about Sony projectors. One user claims that his projector’s lamp was failing and the company refused to honor their warranty because he kept the projector for a year and a half after purchase.

This is an extreme case though, so we don’t believe that it is representative of Sony’s product quality. Most people who use Sony projectors like them, but there are always some people who complain about them.

Sony is known for making some high-quality products, but their projectors aren’t among their best products. They’re not as high quality as some of the brands we’ve discussed on this page, but they’re still very good overall. Whether you need a projector for home theater use or require a unit to display presentations, Sony’s projectors can definitely handle your needs.

What customer says about Sony Projectors

Sony projectors are good quality products that are easy to set up and use. They’re priced well, but they don’t offer the highest performance in the market. Their features are attractive, but some models may not be able to compete with other brands in terms of performance and features.

This is especially true when looking at units that cost over $1500. Even so, there are plenty of people who enjoy using Sony projectors for everything from gaming to watching movies and more.

There are some complaints about Sony projectors, but most of them are based in problems that can happen to any brand. For example, there have been a few reports of broken projectors, but this is something that can happen to any brand. The problem may be higher for Sony than others, but it’s not something that you should worry about unless you have a history of breaking your equipment.

Sony is a relatively high-quality projector overall, though they often have issues with parts breaking and lamps failing. When looking at their projectors, make sure you purchase your warranty just in case!

5. Epson


Epson is another very popular brand when it comes to home theater products. They tend to be a bit more budget-friendly and easier to use than Sony, but they still produce high-quality projects that are easy for the average person to work with.

How Good Is Their Projector?

Epson projectors are extremely easy to set up and use. They’re very simple in operation and don’t have many confusing options for users, which makes them great for beginners. They’re also known for producing high-quality images, though some users do notice some graininess in their images when projecting video.

There aren’t many complaints about Epson projectors. Most of the complaints come from people who had issues with broken lamps or other parts that failed during their time of use. These things are expected with projectors, which means they may not be representative of Epson’s true quality.

Epson makes some good projectors that can display high-quality images. They’re a great brand for anyone who is just getting started with projection needs or who wants a basic projector for home theater use. Epson products are also inexpensive enough that you don’t have to worry too much if something goes wrong with it.

What customer says about Epson Projectors

Epson projectors are good products overall, though they do tend to be a bit lower in quality than some of the other brands we’ve discussed on this page. They’re priced well, though they may not be able to compete with the more high-end brands. They are easy to set up and use, which is a great plus for people who are just getting started with projectors.

There aren’t many complaints about Epson projectors, but there have been some complaints about replacement parts breaking or lamps failing. Although Epson has a good reputation for customer service, you still need to consider the fact that you might be stuck without your projector if something goes wrong. You can go ahead and purchase a warranty to protect yourself in these instances.

Epson has a reputation for making some inexpensive projectors that do a pretty good job of displaying high-quality images. They’re a popular brand for anyone starting out with projector needs, and many users find them to be very functional units.

6. Optoma


Optoma is a fairly new brand to the market, so we’re not sure how well known they are yet. However, they’re currently one of the best brands for projectors. They produce some of the highest quality products on this page and tend to be a bit higher in price than other brands.

How Good Is Their Projector?

Optoma has some of the highest quality projectors that we’ve seen on this page, and they’re definitely above average when compared to many other brands. The Pico projector is one of their most popular models as it offers users an attractive design and high-performance specs that are perfect for those who require a projector with those features.

There aren’t many complaints about Optoma products. They tend to be a bit more pricey than other brands, but that is because they offer better quality products. They’re also known for offering powerful warranty programs that allow you to get your projector replaced free of charge if anything goes wrong.

Optoma offers some of the best projectors in terms of performance and builds quality, though they tend to be a bit higher in price than other brands. That said, there isn’t much cause for complaint when it comes to Optoma projectors.

What customer says about Optoma Projectors

Optoma has a reputation for offering high-quality projectors that are easy to use and provide high levels of performance. They don’t offer the biggest number of features and options, but they’re very affordable and that’s what really matters for most people.

There aren’t many complaints about Optoma projectors. They’re one of the highest quality brands on this page, though they do tend to be a bit more expensive than others. Still, they are known for providing high performance while maintaining a budget-friendly price tag.

Optoma is an old brand with an impressive reputation and fantastic product line. Their products have been developed to offer users some of the highest quality available today, which makes them perfect for anyone who wants a high-performance projector that’s very easy to use and affordable as well.

7. LG Projector

LG Projector

LG is a brand that doesn’t really have much of a legacy when it comes to projectors. They don’t have the reputation for being the best-quality projector on the market, but they do produce some good projectors that are competitively priced.

How Good Is Their Projector?

LG projectors are very high-quality devices in terms of picture and functionality, though you may notice some issues with clouding in their images and overall high price. There aren’t many complaints about LG projectors, but there aren’t many online reviews for them either.

There aren’t many complaints about LG projectors. They are generally reviewed as being high-quality devices that produce good picture quality with a great design. However, there aren’t a lot of reviews for them and they’re a bit on the more expensive side compared to other brands, so you should consider this before purchasing one. They also tend to be a bit bulkier than most models.

LG makes some great projectors that are very high in quality and easy to use as well. They don’t have much of a legacy when it comes to projectors, but their products do offer users some impressive specs and high performance overall.

What customer says about LG Projectors

There are a number of reviews available for LG projectors. In general, they seem to be very good when compared to other brands. They have earned particular praise for their design and the overall construction of the product, though some customers have mentioned that they’re a bit bulkier than other models on this page. The picture quality is also quite impressive.

There aren’t many complaints about LG projectors overall. However, there is some concern that they’re a bit overpriced considering what other brands offer for the same price or a little less in most cases. This is especially true if you factor in some of their bulkier designs or less than stellar warranty coverage.

8. Canon Projector

Canon Projector

Canon is one of the most popular brands in terms of cameras, but they have made some good projectors as well. Canon is trying to change this with their latest line of projectors, but these projectors tend to be quite expensive and have some issues with image quality when it comes to some of their newer models.

How Good Is Their Projector?

Canon makes some high-quality projectors, which also tend to be very expensive. There isn’t a ton of information about Canon products online and there haven’t been many reviews for them either.

What customer says about Canon Projectors

There aren’t many reviews for Canon Projectors. Although a number of users have stated that they have had good experiences with these products, there haven’t been very many reviews or comments about them in general.

Canon projectors can be a bit expensive and are often reviewed as being a little less high quality than other brands. That said, they do offer some good options in terms of screen size and brightness, which may make them worth the investment to some users who want something that’s just a bit different from what the competition offers.

9. Hitachi

Hitachi Projector

Hitachi has a number of high-end products that are rather unique in terms of their design and functionality. They tend to be very expensive, but they do offer some impressive specs that make them one of the best options for those who require a projector with the highest quality performance possible.

How Good Is Their Projector?

Hitachi is a company that doesn’t have much of a legacy when it comes to projectors, though they do provide some truly impressive units. You’re going to have to pay quite a bit more for these products than many other models out there, but you may be able to find one. There aren’t many online reviews available for them so you’ll want to consider this before purchasing one.

What customer says about Hitachi Projectors

There are reviews available for Hitachi projectors, though they aren’t very common. They do tend to be generally well-received, at least when it comes to projecting image quality and picture brightness. There aren’t a lot of comments about the sound quality or functionality of these products, though this isn’t uncommon for projectors in general.

There aren’t many complaints about Hitachi Projectors. The ones that have been posted online mention that these products are quite expensive and don’t offer much in the way of features that you won’t find with other brands for less money in most cases. However, there are relatively few reviews to consider when making your purchasing decision.

10. Vivitek

Vivitek Projector

Vivitek is one of the lesser-known manufacturers in terms of projectors. However, they do make some high-quality products that offer a really unique design and feature set, especially among projectors on this list.

How Good Is Their Projector?

Vivitek Projectors tend to be very good quality devices that provide users with some impressive functionality and specifications in terms of performance. They’re not the highest quality devices out there, but they do offer some features that other brands simply don’t have available.

There aren’t any particularly great reviews for these products online, but they are generally well-received when it comes to ease of use and quality of performance.

What customer says about Vivitek Projectors

There aren’t a lot of reviews for Vivitek Projectors online. However, most reviews that are available tend to be positive in terms of the picture quality and overall performance you can expect from these products. Some customers mention that they’re a little on the expensive side, but overall customers seem pleased with their purchase.

There aren’t many complaints about Vivitek projectors. They are usually reviewed as being high-quality devices that provide users with some impressive performance in terms of brightness and image quality in general. However, they tend to be rather expensive and haven’t received any awards or recommendations yet from some high-profile reviewers or publications online.


Well, that’s all of the different brands we have listed here for you to consider. There are a number of other options, but these are some of the leading brands out there right now. They may not be able to compete with some of the better-known products on our list but they do provide some really impressive features when it comes to video and image quality for a relatively low price.

Hopefully, this article will help you in your decision when it comes to choosing a good projector from these top 10 best projector brands for your own home theater experience. Just remember that you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on top brand names in order to get a good projector that’s going to be able to meet your needs and expectations.

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